Reese Witherspoon’s Diet Includes Lots of Fried Chicken and Biscuits

Reese Witherspoon's Diet Includes Lots of Fried Chicken and Biscuits
Reese Witherspoon's Diet Includes Lots of Fried Chicken and Biscuits

Reese Witherspoon is currently juggling Season 2 of HBO’s Big Little Lies, the upcoming Apple TV series The Morning Show (with Jennifer Aniston), and therefore the Hulu adaptation of Celeste Ng’s novel Little Fires Everywhere, also within the works.

In between all of that, the 41-year-old — who doesn’t look each day older than her Legally Blonde appearances — also manages to bake up a storm on her Instagram. and in contrast to another celebs’ fare, her cooking self-admittedly includes butter.

“I don’t believe crash dieting or anything like that,” she told Us Weekly in 2012. “I compute all the time anyway just to remain healthy.” Her trainer Michael George told Shape that the actress eats healthy small meals and snacks daily, cuts back on alcohol, and gets in half-hour of cardio six day every week .

While paparazzi regularly snap photos of Reese running and biking in l. a. , here’s what you would possibly find her eating in her Southern kitchen:


Reese isn’t abandoning caffeine anytime soon. The entrepreneur — she owns her own production company and therefore the clothing brand Draper James — regularly pays homage to coffee on her Instagram feed. Her latest obsession: adding oat milk to her morning brew.

She also loves fueling up within the morning with nutritionist Kim Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie, which incorporates spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, apple, pear, banana, and juice . “I start a day with a Glowing Green Smoothie then does my whole family!” she wrote during a testimonial on Synder’s website.


When the afternoon rolls around, Reese might order a kale salad with roasted chicken, per interviews with Vogue and therefore the ny Times. Her favorite weather craving is soup , consistent with InStyle.

She also loves spicy food, just like the hot chicken at Hattie B’s in Nashville. “The best Southern food on behalf of me is perhaps fried chicken. There’s nothing like hot, spicy fried chicken,” said during a life style video. “I do like some Cholula. I do like some spicy shrimp and grits.”


It’s no secret Reese is a fan of Southern cuisine. She recently published the book Whiskey during a Teacup, which is crammed with recipes passed down from her grandmother Dorothea. If she’s having people over, she’ll serve classics like fried chicken, biscuits, herb , and coconut cake .

“Fried chicken is so simple, but it’s such a luxury to possess it reception ,” caterer Annie Campbell, who often cooks for Reese, told “This may be a typical menu when she entertains, and other people like it .” Other favorites include country fried steak, ribs, brisket, fried okra, crispy brussels sprouts, summer squash casserole, and cake .

She doesn’t always spring for Southern food, though. The actress shared with InStyle that her favorite date night activity with husband Jim Toth is “dinner at an Italian restaurant with many pasta.” Sounds just perfect to us.

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