Coronavirus: US man dies after taking drug touted by Trump

Coronavirus: US man dies after taking drug touted by Trump
Coronavirus: US man dies after taking drug touted by Trump

An Arizona man has died and his wife is during a critical condition after both ingested a sort of chloroquine in a clear effort to protect against Covid-19.

The drug has been touted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for the virus.

It is also an additive commonly wont to clean fish tanks.

Shortly after ingestion, the couple fell ill, said Arizona-based hospital system Banner Health.

The couple were both in their 60s.

The woman told NBC News she had seen a televised briefing during which Mr Trump discussed the potential benefits of chloroquine as a treatment Covid-19.

The drug has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating malaria, lupus and atrophic arthritis but is unproven to be used against the novel coronavirus.

“We saw his news conference . it had been on tons , actually,” she said. “Trump kept saying it had been basically just about a cure.”

“We were scared of getting sick,” she told NBC.

There are a minimum of 46,548 confirmed cases of the virus throughout the US, with a minimum of 592 deaths.

The couple had used chloroquine previously as a treatment for his or her koi fish and still had some remaining in their home. This additive is formulated differently than the drug wont to treat malaria.

They mixed alittle amount of the substance with liquid to drink. Within 20 minutes, both fell ill.

“I started vomiting,” she said. “My husband started developing respiratory problems.”

Her husband couldn’t be revived in hospital and she or he remains in critical care.

“Banner Health experts emphasise that chloroquine, a malaria medication, shouldn’t be ingested to treat or prevent [Covid-19],” the health group said during a statement.

Given the uncertainty around Covid-19, we understand that folks try to seek out new ways to stop or treat this virus, but self-medicating isn’t the thanks to do so.”

Last week, Mr Trump trumpeted the drug as a possible treatment, writing on Twitter that it had “a real chance to be one among the most important game changers within the history of drugs ,” when crazy the antibiotic azithromycin.

“We’re getting to be ready to make that drug available soon ,” he said last week at a White House coronavirus press briefing.

“And that’s where the FDA has been so great. They’ve skilled the approval process – it has been approved.”

The FDA soon clarified that chloroquine had not been approved, saying there are currently no therapeutics or drugs approved by the body to “treat, cure or prevent Covid-19”.

On Sunday, Dr Anthony Fauci – the nation’s top communicable disease expert – said on CBS News that the president had heard about the 2 drugs from anecdotal reports.

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