Recipe for hand sanitizer

Recipe for hand sanitizer
Recipe for hand sanitizer

There are tons of things during this world that scare me. I’m scared of tornadoes (I think I even have a right to plan browsing two in one year).

I’m scared of small spaces. The older i buy , the more scared of heights i buy . But here’s one thing i’m absolutely not afraid of: germs.

In fact, i feel our society’s obsession with antibacterial this and sanitizing that’s actually far more detrimental to us than we will even understand immediately . I’m not getting to go lick a vial of smallpox, obvi, but i’m an enormous believer that a touch of dirt and a few bacteria on our hands is really pretty good for us.

That being said, when a very dangerous strain of the flu is making its rounds (and I’m immune-compromised), you better bet i’m hand sanitizing my and my kid’s hands every 30 seconds when we’re call at public.

Recipe for hand sanitizer

Of course, I’m a much bigger fan of proper handwashing with regular ole soap and predicament , but sinks aren’t always around. Like after you’ve chucked five leaking bags of rotting garbage into Hell at the dump. Or after you’ve got to travel during a porta-potty at a sporting event. Or after your kid touched every. single. part. of the handcart and now wants to eat some crackers. So I make homemade hand sanitizer in spray form that I just confine my bag.

This homemade hand sanitizer is awesome because it’s made with all-natural ingredients, and it’s naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial due to the cocktail of essential oils. While this hand sanitizer has never been lab-tested, it does contain generally accepted anti-microbial ingredients that I feel good about using in my family.

Recipe for hand sanitizer

What essential oils does one use during recipe for hand sanitizer?

When it involves the essential oils, i prefer to use a combo of three:

  • Lemon oil and orange oil are both natural disinfectants (plus they smell nice and clean).
  • Tea tree oil has been proven time and time again to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory!

I would recommend caution with this hand sanitizer if your skin is light sensitive. Both lemon and orange oils can cause photosensitivity—meaning they create your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. This sanitizer uses highly diluted oils, and I’ve never personally had any issues with this, but I’d hate to not mention this and have someone get a sunburn on their hands! There are countless essential oils out there with antiseptic properties, so you’ll experiment if you’re concerned about the photosensitivity issue.

If you favor , rather than using individual oils, you’ll also use a germ-busting pre-blended volatile oil that’s on the market. we actually just like the KidSafe line from Plant Therapy, including their Germ Destroyer oil. they’re pre-blended to be safe for teenagers , which makes this Mama happy.

Recipe for hand sanitizer

What alcohol/liquid does one use when making hand sanitizer?

When I’m making this hand sanitizer, i exploit one among three main active ingredients to dilute the essential oils:

  • Witch Hazel: This has the smallest amount amount of anti-microbial properties of the three. But it is also the foremost nourishing to the hands—especially once I grab the version with aloe added. i exploit witch hazel hand sanitizer for each day germ-fighting.
  • Vodka: Alcohol is that the gold standard for anti-microbial action—there may be a reason most store-bought hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. One option is to use vodka. Most vodka on store shelves is around 40-45% alcohol (80-90 proof), then gets further diluted during recipe for hand sanitizer. this is often what we consider a “middle of the road” hand sanitizer in our home. The vodka does make this version slightly drying to the hands.
  • High Proof ethyl alcohol (Everclear 190): this is often the strongest version we make in our home, using 190 proof ethyl alcohol (Everclear). Everclear 190 is 95% alcohol, and when diluted during this recipe, it makes a hand sanitizer that’s roughly 70-75% alcohol by our calculations. This version are often very drying on the hands, so i exploit it sparingly. It is important to notice that none of those versions has ever been lab-tested for efficacy—and while we will estimate the anti-microbial properties of every recipe for hand sanitizer supported current knowledge, there’s no way of knowing if they’re truly effective against a selected strain of virus or bacteria without lab testing. Please speak together with your health care professional before using any home remedy on you or your family.
Recipe for hand sanitizer

Can you add burn plant gel to form this more nourishing to the hands or to form it into a gel?

Adding burn plant to the mixture doesn’t work because it clumps and doesn’t mix in. I personally use this hand sanitizer as is, then frequently moisturize my hands during the weather months.

What are the simplest bottles/sprayers for hand sanitizer?

I put most of my essential-oil based recipe for hand sanitizer into these blue bottles or these amber ones. Why? Well, the dark glass helps protect the essential oils from UV light (which can break them down), and therefore the sprayer may be a very fine mist that’s perfect for things like homemade hand sanitizer. Plus, the tiny two-ounce size is ideal for hand sanitizer and tossing in my bag.

Recipe for hand sanitizer

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